Take back control!

  • An alternative to Google Analytics
  • GDPR compliant
  • Fully control data ownership
  • Analyze and monitor the performance of your strategy
  • Plug & Play approach

100 +​ segmentable performance indicators on Date / Source / Support / Campaign

SWATICS allows you to optimize your performance throughout the cycle of visits to websites :

​Understanding audiences and their practices

Who are the visitors, what media do they use and how do they navigate the Brand’s digital ecosystem?

View content performance

8 seconds of average attention: do Brand content really capture the attention of users?

Identify traffic sources that generate performance/h3>

On which channels of the digital ecosystem should the available resources be strategically mobilised?

Track all user interaction events

Evaluate and optimize the conversion funnel by identifying the interactions of each relational step.

Monitor site & server health

The user experience also relies on the ability to deliver information in the best conditions.

Measure and assign conversions

Cross the user path with the conversion funnel to get the most out of the channels used.


Monthly prices excluding taxes

100 000 hits per month
59,00 €
250 000 hits per month
74,00 €
500 000 hits per month
97,00 €
1 000 000 hits per month
255,00 €